Easy Weighbridge software

Easy Weighbridge software

The Royal Software Provide Easy to Use Windows Based Weighbridge Software in Gujarati And English Language. Our Weighbridge software is designed to help you to manage party and track material. Our Software is Portable does not require any driver or anything else in WINDOWS 7, WINDOWS 8.1 WINDOWS 10 only copy past our software folder and run EasyWB.exe


  • Easy To Use
  • Require Only RS232 Communication
  • Party Master
  • Purchaser Master
  • Seller Master
  • User Master
  • Vehicle Type Master
  • Vehicle Master (for Tare Weight)
  • First Time Entry (get Tare/Gross Weight from weighbridge)
  • Second Entry (get Pending Tare/Gross Weight from weighbridge of First Entry)
  • Second Entry (As Per Driver)(get Tare Weight from Driver and Gross Weight from weighbridge)
  • Second Entry (Tare Wt from Vehicle master)(get Tare Weight from Vehicle master and Gross Weight from weighbridge)
  • Second Entry search by Serial No/Vehicle no/Party name...etc
  • Manual Entry (Manually enter Tare weight and Gross weight)
  • Multiple Material,Party,Weight in Single Entry
  • AXLE Weight Entry
  • View Entry (Edit/Delete/Search/Print Entry)
  • Automatic Weight Entry By RFID Card (On Scan RFID Card then Auto Fill Party And Vehicle Detail And Save Entry)
  • Automatic Weight Entry Barcode Based (On Scan Barcode then Auto Fill Party And Vehicle Detail And Save Entry)
  • Ask Vehicle details in Advance (like Vehicle no, Type, Material, Charges) before First Entry
  • GST TAX of Material/Service in First/Second Entry
  • Measurement Of Vehicle(Length, Width, Height) in Master and Weight Entry
  • Auto Add Entry of Purchaser/Seller/Material (If not found in list)
  • Party-wise Item-wise Rate (Price List)
  • Track Buy/Sell Material
  • Multiple Serial Number series.
  • Vehicle Photograph For First/Second Entry or Both Entry
  • Create User Field and also set Equation in user field
  • Create Custom Master (upto 2 masters) and you can add/remove user fields in custom masters
  • Show Last Tare Weight of Vehicle No in First Entry.
  • Serial Number can be reset daily.
  • Print Weight Slip in DOS/Window Base Format (Dot-matric/ Laser/ Thermal printer)
  • SMS Sending By USB Dongle/Internet API(Gateway)
  • (Note For USB Dongle : Some Models do not support, Some Models support like Huawei E173,E303...etc, so if you want to use this facility then check your current USB net setter if it supports SMS sending. You should download demo copy from this site and then purchase )
  • On Weight auto send SMS (on First Weight/Second Weight/Both)
  • On Change Charges Then Send SMS
  • Send 24 Hours Report By SMS/Email
  • When Software Start/Exit than Send SMS (Alert)
  • Grid Printing report designer For Weight Entry List(Entrywise/Summary Report). where you can design your own report as per your requirement in grid format (Create unlimited report).
  • You can filter this report by following parameters
    ● Vehicle No.Wise
    ● Serial No.Wise
    ● Party-wise
    ● User-wise
    ● Date-wise
    For E.g. You can design following report
    ● Weight entry list
    ● Vehicle No.wise weight entry list
    ● User-wise weight entry list
    ● User-wise Daily Summary
    ● Daily Summary
    ● Weekly Summary
    ● Monthly Summary
    ● Quarterly Summary
    ● Party-wise Summary
    ● Party-wise with vehicle-wise Summary
    ● Party-wise with material-wise Summary
    ● ...And Much More (you can design report as per your requirement)
  • Constant Weight Saving (every 3 seconds) Report
  • You can save weight report at particular interval in XLS format automatically
  • On Save First/Second Entry Save Weight To Text File (Customize Save Entry Like Weight,Vehicle No)
  • Save Live Weight Every 1 Second in Text File (Only Weight Save)
  • Gross Weight Edit password
  • Edit/Delete/Edit Amount/Edit Weight History Report
  • Party Ledger
    ● Single Ledger Printing
    ● Multi Ledger Printing
  • Export Grid report To PDF,HTML,MHT,RTF,XLS,XLSX,CSV,Text,Image File
  • Receipt Entry
  • Payment Entry
  • Yearwise database management
  • Rate calculation from Weight Range (set particular Rate for particular Weight-range)
  • Live Weight Display in First/Second/Manual…etc Entry
  • Automatically Save Weight Slip in PDF Format for All Entry in Specified Folder
    ● Select entry in which you want to save PDF
    ● Select format for pdf file name.
  • Gross Weight limit can be set.
  • SAP ERP Software Integration
  • Shrink Database
  • Reset password using your Email ID (Email ID must be present in User Details)
  • Userwise security
  • Reminder
  • To Do List
  • Backup, Date wise backup, Automatic backup, Schedule Backup
  • And Much More
  • Click Me To Show More Features


  • Window 8 logoMicrosoft Windows XP or newer

Screen shots (In English)

Here you can see the screen shots of Easy Weighbridge software

Screen shots (In Gujarati)

Here you can see the screen shots of Easy Weighbridge software


Easy Weighbridge Software

For Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008 Following Setup Must Be Installed

Windows Installer 3.1 (KB893803) (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008 only)

Download .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 (for Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008 only)

Dot Net framework 3.5 SP1 Downloader For Windows 10, 8, 8.1 Only

Dot Net framework 3.5 SP1 Downloader (For Windows 10, 8, 8.1 Only)

Easy Weighbridge Setup (Demo). After purchase it will convert into Professional Edition

EasyWeighbridgeSetup.zip Version 4.37

EasyWeighbridge_Portable.zip Version 4.37

Software Edition & Price Price List

Other Utility

Ammyy Admin (Ver 3.6)

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